Chimelong International Circus – The Biggest Professional Circus Performance in Guangzhou

Chimelong International Circus, located at the AAAAA scenic spot Guangzhou Chimelong Resort in Guangzhou, China. Since its opening in 2000, Chimelong International Circus has positioned itself to be the world’s largest professional circus with high specification. It features 4 most characteristics: The world’s biggest live stage; the global’s largest number of performer & animals; the most luxury and professional circus performance with biggest investment.

Chimelong International Circus
Chimelong International Circus provides more than 8000 seats in the circus stadium.  Since the circus’s commencement, it has produced six successful and unique different shows including The Collection of The World Circus, The Galaxy, The Jurassic Moon, The Forest Code, The Magical World and the current show The Magical World II. >> Guangzhou Tour Guide

Chimelong International CircusChimelong International CircusChimelong International CircusChimelong International Circus

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